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Institute of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia




  • IPD-OUM programes are modular (a series of lectures) and is designed to enhance knowledge and skills at the work place and also for career development.
  • IPD-OUM programs does not require approval from Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia because it is designed as a training and self development program. Therefore, the programs are also not listed under the Government Service Scheme (Skim Perkhidmatan Kerajaan) or JPA.
  • IPD-OUM programs does not fulfill the credit requirements that is recommended by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), formerly known as Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN). Therefore, the programs are not listed under courses awarded accreditation.
  • Graduates of IPD-OUM Executive Diploma and Professional Diploma can be considered for entry into Degree programs at Open University Malaysia through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), subject to the fulfilment of the degree program entry requirements set by the OUM faculty.


IPD is fully aware of the needs of adult learners, especially those who have been in the industry over the years. The focus is on the quality and flexibility of programmes. IPD’s programmes are meant to be participant-friendly, conducted  in a conducive learning environment,    gentle and easy-going on the working adults. The subject contents will be delivered in a seminar-room situation, where participant-facilitator interfaces are at maximum.
IPD programmes provide rigorous course of study and instruction by the industry’s leading professionals and OUM’s faculty which combines concepts and hands-on experience of the industry professionals for the benefits of the students / participants. IPD-OUM is now reputed in providing quality learning, information and training for participants from the public and private sectors.
The ED programmes come with intensive support from well prepared programme notes and resource-based learning materials and also materials via e-learning. The medium of instruction for all ED programmes will be both in English and Bahasa Malaysia. However, in certain cases, specially written notes in Bahasa Malaysia will be made available to those students whose command of English is an obstacle to their better understanding of subject-matter in classes.
The focus of IPD-OUM training modules are in the development of talents, skills, competencies and knowledge among the participants to better place them to face the challenges in the competitive work environment.



With globalization, deregulation and technological advances, organizations today must be more competitive than ever to survive. Their human resource is the critical factor. Malaysian working adults today are facing more challenging and complex work processes in the workplace. There is an urgent need to constantly upgrade the knowledge and skills of these employees to face the challenges of a dynamic and open market environment.
IPD-OUM programmes are specially designed and structured to meet the needs of adult learners, flexible in timing, multiple modes in delivery, however, strict in examinations and assignments to ensure the quality of our programmes. The overall aim of IPD-OUM programmes is to enhance the knowledge and competencies of the participants across the core disciplines relevant to their work.
Equipped with better knowledge and competencies, the participants will be able to add value to tasks and assignments at work and to better contribute to the effectiveness, productivity and profitability of their organizations.

Benefits to the participants

Upon completion of the IPD-OUM Programme, the participants should be able to:

  • Enhance their knowledge and competencies and be able to continuously contribute in increasing their organization’s competitiveness.
  • Understand the theoretical foundation of relevant subjects and develop the required knowledge and skills in their chosen fields.
  • Have job enrichment that will have maximum impact on their current and future careers, tasks and responsibilities in their respective organizations.
  • Adopt new skills and enhance existing ones in order to understand and add value to their more challenging tasks in the future.
  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge, understanding and competencies in their chosen fields for further career advancement.
  • Demonstrate strong theoretical knowledge of the subject matter related to their work or essay writer areas of specialization.
  • Develop the value of team approach in workplaces for enhancing productivity and profitability of their organizations.
  • Expose to various paradigms relating to latest work strategies, plans and processes in their chosen field; as well as aligning their mindset and competencies necessary for the growth and success of their organizations.

Benefits to the organizations

  • IPD helps the organizations to develop their employees in a systematic and integrated manner to meet their specific requirements and needs.
  • Continuous education and learning will place the employees in a better position to take up the challenges at workplace and hence, helping their organizations to grow and have the cutting edge in the market place.
  • More knowledgeable and competent employees are the key assets of the organizations as they will determine the future of the organizations in terms of survival, growth and competitiveness in the market.


Executive Diploma

These are academic qualifications which are appropriate for practitioners in agricultural, manufacturing and service industries who want to improve their productivity. It takes 12-15 months to complete an executive diploma.



Professional Certificate

These are specially designed for those with 5 years or more work experience who seek a recognized professional qualification to gain upward mobility in their work place and in the industry.



Career Certificate






Professional Diploma



Executive Master